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Filipino/Tagalog Movies presents the largest online collection of Tagalog movies from the latest Tagalog movie blockbusters, to Filipino telenovelas to vintage tagalog classics of the 30s.

Salamat, President Cory 1933-2009 Salamat, President Cory
Category Documentary
Label Others
US$ 16.99 DVD
  • Various artists
You Changed My Life - Tagalog Movie DVD You Changed My Life
with English Subtitle
Category Subtitled-DVD
Label Star
US$ 24.99 DVD
Tayong Dalawa - Vol 1 Tayong Dalawa
Vol 1
Category Teleserye
Label Others
US$ 14.99 DVD
Baler (Collector's Edition) - DVD Baler (Collector's Edition)
with English Subtitle
Category Romance
Label Viva
US$ 29.99 DVD is the Internet's most extensive source of Tagalog Movie VCD/DVD collection for the past 10 years. Serving Tagalog movie lovers for the since December 1998! If the movie is in commercial distribution, you can find it in!

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Tagalog Teleseryes has the largest online collection of Tagalog movies from the latest Tagalog movie blockbusters, to Filipino telenovelas to vintage tagalog movie classics of the 30s.

If you are not yet one of the millions of Filipinos who are teleserye fanatics or you failed to watch some episodes of your favorite teleseryes, get them here. Now, there’s no more reason why you are not updated of the latest twists of the popular teleseryes on Philippine television.

    Asian Treasures starring Robin Padilla

    Asian Treasures

    Robin Padilla. Angel Locsin. Eddie Garcia. Marvin Agustin. Diana Zubiri.
    Asian Treasures is an engaging story involving the quest for hidden treasures that date back from the start of Philippine civilization. It is said that these treasures were gathered from different parts of Asia by 10 Bornean Datus who formed a city in a place known as Itim na Ginto (Black Gold). This secret has been passed on among the descendants of two groups of Filipinos- the KKK (Kapatirang Kumakalinga ng Kayamanan), who wants to protect the treasures, and the Sudama, the group who has selfish intentions in finding the treasures.

    Dyesebel starring Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes


    Marian Rivera. Dingdong Dantes. Mylene Dizon. Jean Garcia. Michelle Madrigal. Lotlot de Leon.

    The most anticipated and most extravagant serialization of the original Pinay mermaid is finally here: Mars Ravelo's DYESEBEL.

    A breathtaking under the sea adventures of Dyesebel (Marian Rivera) and her journey to be with her true love Fredo (Dingdong Dantes) created a nationwide fever that made people rush home every night so as not to miss any episode.

    Encantadia Starring Dawn Zulueta


    Dawn Zulueta. Karylle. Dingdong Dantes. Diana Zubiri. Jennylyn Mercado. Mark Herras.

    Enter and journey through the enchanting realm of Encantadia - a magical world divided into four kingdoms: Adamya, home of the Adamyans; Sapiro, land of the Sapiryans: Lireo, realm of the Diwatas, and Hathoria, domain of the Hathors. The peace and balance of Encantadia rest on the power of four precious stones- the gemstones of water, earth, wind and fire.

    Gulong Ng Palad starring Kristine Hermosa

    Gulong Ng Palad

    Kristine Hermosa. TJ Trinidad. Cherie Gil. Rio Locsin. Joel Torre. Luis Alandy.

    Social classes are very much recognized in the little town of San Isidro. Luisa (Kristine Hermosa) comes from a very poor family. Her mother, Idad (Rio Locsin), is the laundrywoman of the town's rich and affluent families, including the snobbish Menang Medel (Cherie Gil). But nothing can stop Menang's son Carding (TJ Trinidad), from being friends with Luisa. They were inseparable until Carding's father dies and Menang opts to live in the U.S. with Carding.

    John en Marsha starring Dolphy and Nida Blanca

    John en Marsha

    Dolphy. Nida Blanca. Dely Atay-atayan. Maricel Soriano. Matutina. Rolly Quizon.

    John Purontong is the embodiment of the Filipino everyman. He is honest, hardworking, loving and most of all, funny! He is a devoted husband to his wife Marsha and a responsible "padre de pamilya" to his kids Rollie and Shirley. And yet John always runs into so many misadventures and mishaps which prompt his irrepressible mother-in-law Donya Delilah to shake her head and reprimand her ever famous line, "Kaya ikaw John, mag-sumikap ka!"

    Judy Ann & Ryan Special 2 in 1 DVD Edition

    Judy Ann Santos. Ryan Agoncillo.

    Rosaryo: As a single mom, Susan's responsibility isn't solely devoted to raising her son: she carries the burden of fending for a gambler dad and lazy brother. Amidst her difficult stance. Susan's faith is intact until romance blooms in a most unlikely place- the bar where she holds a comprising job. But is Ryan, a happy-go-lucky U.S. citizen, the perfect man for her? Susan and Ryan put their hearts on the lines as they are yet to unravel the possibility of love ruling out their most grueling differences.

    Kokey... Ang Bespren Kong Okey! Set

    Kokey... Ang Bespren Kong Okey! Set

    Ruffa Gutierrez. Redford White. Eugene Domingo. Joshua Caldeρa. Julia Baretto.

    A friendly alien from outer space named "Kokey" crashes his spaceship into a quiet neighborhood where he meets and becomes friends with young earth kids--- Bong, Peping, Jimboy and Anna. Follow their trail as they encounter intertwining and challenging hurdles in an adventure of fun and exciting moments.
    Kokey... Ang Bespren Kong Okey! Set


    Lobo starring Piolo Pascual and Angel Locsin


    Piolo Pascual. Angel Locsin. Agot Isidro. Ryan Eigennman. Pilar Pilapil. Irma Adlawan.

    The biggest tragedy in the young lives of best friends Ulay (Sharlene San Pedro) and Jay-jay (Jacob Dionisio) finally strikes when they get separated from each other, all after Ulay's mother Nessa (Agot Isidro) abandons her and Jay-jay witnesses his father Emil's (Bobby Andrews) heartbreaking death. Both orphaned Ulay ends up in the care of her abusive Aunt Clara (Irma Adlawan), while Jay-jay under strict military discipline.


    Richard Gutierrez. Katrina Halili. Ara Mina. Tirso Cruz III. Janno Gibbs. Polo Ravales.

    The misadventures of Lupin (Richard Gutierrez) begin when his rich businessman father is found dead. Andre Lupin, who was left behind, is raised by a man named Duroy (Tirso Cruz II). He is treated as a real son and grows up to be one of the best thieves in town. He posseses fast hands, quick reflexes and is an even faster thinker. Despite being just a high school graduate, he remains extremely intelligent. He becomes a business tycoon during the day and a master thief by night with his wit and charm as his weapons.

    Maging Sino Ka Man

    Maging Sino Ka Man

    Bea Alonzo. Anne Curtis. Sam Milby. John Lloyd Cruz. Christopher de Leon. Chin-Chin Gutierrez.

    In spite of having the world at the palm of her hand , socialite Jackie Madrigal (Bea Alonzo), is still yearning for something more real than her fairytale life. That is until she crosses paths with Eli Davide (John Lloyd)- a modern-day pauper who is forced by dire circumstances to take Jackie away and give her more than what she has bargained for; a rustic setting to Jackie's now obliterated memory due to the amnesia she suffered after being the target of the kidnapping gone awry. With Jackie's memory empty as a blank canvas, Eli paints for her the fictitious character of


    Susan Roces. Claudine Barretto. Diether Ocampo. Rafael Rosel. Kim Chiu. Gerald Anderson.

    There's no escape once your soul has been promised to the devil, and Angela finds this out the hard way when her charmed life spirals out of control the night she conceives the devil's own spawn.
    Upon learning the truth about her son, Angela suffers the biggest dilemma of a mother: to prevent evil from completely consuming Angelo, relying on faith and love to redeem them both. Maligno


    Marian Rivera. Dingdong Dantes. Katrina Halili. Richard Gomez. Manilyn Reynes.

    The story of Marimar bespeaks a journey of a young lass who has been deprived of everything that was rightfully hers. Separated from her real parents at a young age. Marimar was found and raised by an old couple who treat her as their own grandchild.

    MMK - The Pride Collection

    Rustom Padilla. Joross Gamboa. Carlo Aquino. Jiro Manio. Mark Gil. Roderick Paulate.

    "Cake" Ronald (Gardo Versoza) and Rod (Rustom Padilla) are OFWs working in Saudi Arabia....
    "Cellphone" Yvonne (Joross Gamboa) who leaves his hometown in Bohol to pursue his dreams in Manila...
    "Manikang Papel" Dodong (Jiro Manio) and Nitoy (Carlo Aquino) live without proper care from their parents...
    "Juice" Bundang (Roderick Paulate) is a gay beautician in love with Baduday (Aiza Seguerra)...
    MMK - The Pride Collection

    Patayin Sa Sindak Si Barbara

    Kris Aquino. Susan Roces. Albert Martinez. Jodi Sta Maria-Lacson. Maja Salvador. JR Siaboc.

    A woman's simple wish to earn filial acceptance results to a terrifying turn of dark events.
    Barbara (Kris Aquino) surrenders her man, Fritz (Albert Martinez), to the arms of her neurotic half-sister Ruth (Jodi Sat. Maria-Lacson) in order to win her affection and that of her mother's Amanda (Susan Roces). Since Fritz could love no other woman but Barbara, his marriage with Ruth becomes a spectacle of Ruth's raving jealous fits, ultimately leading to her suicide. Ruth's spirit, however, resists resting in peace and her obsession crosses over to the afterlife, using her own child Karen (Celine Lim) as an instrument to carry out her ominous revenge.
    But can a vengeful soul be ever appeased, especially that it returned from the other side in the name of vengeance?
    Patayin Sa Sindak Si Barbara

    Sa Piling Mo

    Judy Ann Santos. Piolo Pascual. Rica Peralejo. Albert Martinez. Maja Salvador. John Wayne Sace.

    Jennifer grew up in the world of gambling and cockfights but she is not without dreams, especially when it comes to Adrian, who, despite being blind not only saved her life, but also taught her how to love. And when it comes to love, Jennifer is willing to bet everything that she has. She had no way of knowing that this would eventually cost her Adrian and the life they once had.

    Meanwhile, alone and abandoned, Adrian struggles to cope without Jennifer. An accident will lead to a new love but how can Adrian forget the woman who opened his heart? But at the same time, can he forgive her for leaving him? As for Jennifer, where would her escape from prison lead her? Can she really escape the mistakes of her past? What future is waiting for her and her son? How far will she go to reclaim her love?

    Super Inggo starring Makisig Morales

    Super Inggo

    Makisig Morales. Herbert Bautista. Angelu de Leon. Mark Anthony Fernandez. Kaye Abad. Nova Villa.

    In a jaded world where heroes remain as mere characters in comic books, one child dreams of becoming a real-life superhero: Budong, a young boy deprived of a shot at normalcy in life by his own mother. Unknown to Budong is that he is anything but normal, for he possesses a power so immense that it interests a school that trains a new breed of superheroes- the Power Academy. But it that serves as the bane of his existence, for it renders the Prince of Darkness to believe that Budong is the lost son he has been looking for.

    Walang Kapalit

    Claudine Barretto. Piolo Pascual. Edu Manzano. Dina Bonnevie. Amy Austria. Jodi Sta Maria.

    Noel (Piolo Pascual) and Melanie (Claudine Barretto) are siblings but are not related by blood. That's because Noel's father, Ariston (Edu Manzano), and Melanie's mother, Agnes (Dina Bonnevie), are married. The two children constantly bicker as they resent ech others's presence. The petty quarrels turn into adoloscent issue as well. The situation is not helped by Ariston's favoritism of Melanie over his own son. But this is balanced by the unusual dedication showered by the family nanny, Ceding (Amy Austria), on Noel. A major conflict drives Noel to continue his studies in Australia. Will distance help the siblings miss each other? Will they realize the old adage that hatred is really the brother of love?


    Judy Ann Santos. Ryan Agoncillo. Derek Ramsey. Gina Pareno. Coney Reyes. Aiza Seguerra.

    In the eyes of little Ysabella (Celine Lim), life is never short of hope despite poverty and her father's death- realities too difficult for a child like her to bear. It is her mom Rosario's (Rosanna Roces) relentless faith in love and legacy of good cooking that saves her and ignites her strength during times of anguish ultimately brought about by the formidable Doρa Victoria (Maricel Laxa)- the woman who causes Rosario's death and builds a culinary empire that through the years has prided itself on recipe stolen from the pages of Rosario's family heirloom cookbook.



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